Here are some items that I’ve bought off of Amazon in the past while that are tried and tested and I ABSOLUTELY love.

Disclosure: No one asked me to share these items on my site, it was of my own choosing. If you purchase from here, I receive a tiny kick-back for endorsing these items, but I have only shared things here that I would wholeheartedly purchase for all of my friends.

I have insomnia and some nights it can be pretty bad. I hate taking my prescription meds because they keep me drowsy late into the next day. I was desperate to try anything and came across this guy. I lay on it every night and fall asleep almost immediately. If you have bad tension, issues relaxing or falling asleep, this is worth a try!

I have extremely tense muscles, as mentioned above. One of the professionals I work
treatments. These silicon versions are perfect for me, a non-professional, because they can’t get the powerful suction that would endanger my tissue, but enough to relieve some pain.

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