titled: untitled

the world roars
at its sons and daughters
you must be
The Other;
you cannot be Both

But we live in a world of
Not monochrome or unaries

Still we persist
We know that
Mother Earth knows
It cannot just be
Summer or winter
For we have autumn and spring
And sometimes in between

Still we persist
Our souls sing out
to remind
the world
that its melody is hollow without our harmonies.

Our souls know
We do not HAVE to be one or other:
Pretty and Smart
Strong and Vulnerable
Confused yet Certain
Believing and Skeptical
Broken yet Whole
Pink or Blue
In Transit yet already at the Destination

You can be one
Or the other
Or all
Or none

But it is your song
You sing whatever harmony
Is in your soul

If the world will not listen
Your song was never their treasure to hold.

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