Dimmed but not Extinguished

It has been months since I touched my journal, and even longer since I could bear to open my bible. These two staples of my life that once brought healing, peace, and comfort have been collecting dust as my heart seemingly turns to ash.

It’s not for lack of desire, but an overwhelming sense of fear. It’s not for lack of content, but the presence of unanswered questions upon questions and a pervasive loathing and contempt for the person reflected in my own writing.

I am not who I once was and I am not who I want to be. The words of Paul echo in my mind “I do not do what I want to do, but the very things I do not want to do, I do.” Yes, Paul. I feel you. I am often selfish, impatient, cold, and hard-hearted. I have never seen the direct result of disregarding God’s presence reflected so strongly in my own life.

It’s been a bit more than a month since I started medication for my depression and anxiety. I’ve spent a lot of time hiding from the “darkest” emotions in my soul, which has (in my uneducated opinion) led me to this place where I struggle to see the light. It’s funny how something so tiny can represent hope.

Why do I even write? I’m not sure. Some people call it courageous (it doesn’t feel courageous). Others say I need the attention.  I think this is my way of reminding myself that I’m not alone in this darkness, and I suppose I hope to God that there is someone out there who resonates with my words and it brings them a glimmer of light in their darkness.  I once lived as a person who could simply “choose” to see the beauty, optimism, and good in every person and every situation. I’m realizing that I was incredibly blessed to have had that ability, and I’m thankful for this new understanding that I now grasp.  Life happens, things change. We learn through life, and we grow and are ever-changing. My greatest fear is that I will burn every bridge in this journey. Will God really still love me after my desertion? Is He really patient, faithful, and kind? Will my family still love me after I continually let them down in my selfishness? Will my friends?

I’m learning that I can believe something to be true despite how I feel. I still believe that the same beauty, optimism and good exists in the world, but that my sight has been clouded by a dark veil. The light has been dimmed in my soul, but it is not extinguished.

To my loved ones: I am not lost, I have only been diverted.

To my dear broken souls: We are not alone. You will be OK. We will be OK. Today may not be the day, nor tomorrow, but SOMEDAY WE WILL BE OK.

Your light is only dimmed, it is not extinguished.

4 thoughts on “Dimmed but not Extinguished”

  1. Will God really still love me after my desertion? YES! Is He really patient, faithful, and kind? YES!! Will my family still love me after I continually let them down in my selfishness? YES!! This member of your family loves you and will continue to love you – no matter what. Love always, Auntie Marlys


  2. Hi, Ehjae.

    I sympathize with much of your journey. In particular the feeling of being cold, and hard hearted, and the pain of selfish decisions. For me, the dry stretch lasted two years (’13-’15). It started with being laid off, and ended with my fiance coming down with a mental illness and our relationship breaking up. At different points I was numbed, stubborn, hurt, and emotionally drained. As for why it was happening, I was lost.

    But this I do know, God is taking what was so awful, and is now using it for good as he promised he would. I have seen much of it with my own eyes in the last few months, and I know that he wants to do the same for you.

    “Ehjae, don’t be afraid. I have called you by name; you are mine. And when you live in my purpose, I will take everything you are in, and use it for your good. That’s my promise to you. I love you. – Your father, God.”

    (Romans 8:28, Isaiah 43:1)


  3. Dear Ehjae 💙
    I’m in the same boat as you are. You aren’t alone and I can honestly say I feel what you’re feeling as well. Since posting this blog I hope you’ve seen light of your situations. That you’re family is still there for you despite you’re weaknesses. Thank you for your heartfelt blog…I connected with you.
    If you ever need a person to talk to I’m here 🙂


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