Dead leaves

Dead Leaves

I wrote this sometime in the fall, and didn’t post it then for some reason. However, it was a good reminder for me today in the midst of the bitter cold.

Dead leaves always remind me of my life.

I have learned that life is a series of cycles.

I’m sad because the trees that were once vibrant with colour and life have lost their covering and are now standing naked and vulnerable. I can relate to that. I think back to Spring in my life, times where I sat in the presence of God, soaking in His goodness and life was good.

Yet it doesn’t last,  crap happens, and all of a sudden the cold and dreary take over my heart and suddenly I find myself reflecting upon mere remembrances of the vibrance and beauty.

I don’t want to acknowledge it.  If I rake up the leaves, that means that snow is coming. Winter is hard. There is so much to persevere in winter. Cold, dark mornings. Struggling to get out of bed. Struggling into and out of winter clothing. Shovelling. I don’t hate winter, but I think we would all agree that waking up in the summer to a bright, shining sun and 20+ weather is less of a struggle.

I know that it has to be done. But I’m stubborn. I want to rake the leaves myself.  I’ve had several people knock on the door to ask if they could rake the leaves for me. No, I want to do it myself. I need to do it myself.

I know that if I can make it through the Winter, Spring will soon return and suddenly, I will not be naked and exposed, but stronger for having braved the cold, bitter elements

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