You can view and even download and print my October Newsletter from the link below:

How exciting is technology? I feel so connected with y’all? (I’m catching my fellow teammate, Ben’s New Mexico accent)

This week was awesome, we had a pretty cool teacher from Canada come down.  Dave Overholt from Church on the Rock in Hamilton, Ontario.  He is a youth pastor, so we obviously shared some great stories and great moments because of our similar passions for young people.  Despite one of his obvious downfalls, cheering for the Tigercats, we managed to get along.

I was very excited to hear about the Roughriders successful triumph into the semi-finals against the Stampeders. Since there are several Riders fans out, we have been frantically trying to figure out how to watch the game.  (there’s even a guy here from Calgary who cheers for the Riders.. and why not? lol… I would pick the Riders if I could too..)

Time is just flying by. I can’t believe we only have 2 weeks left.  We will be leaving for Thailand in exactly 2 weeks now.  We are eagerly looking forward to it, but also sadly anticipating the time when we all separate.
Yesterday, we had an offering for people who were in desperate need for outreach money.  It was really cool to see how God was tapping people on the shoulders an having them provide for others who had trusted in him to provide. I have loved every minute here, and I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when we are not ALL together, but I am also very excited to get out there and put all that we have been learning into action.

Check out my newsletter, and if you have any questions, or you would like to be included in the prayer/support letter email list, just let me know and leave your email address too!!

Love you all!

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